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Ben Chong

Hello! My name is Ben Chong. I've been working on software since 2007. Some of the cool stuff I've developed include software licensing platforms, e-coupon systems, video animations, and mobile games on the browser.

My work has taken me to the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Clients include FIFA, Coca Cola, Acura, Tic Tac, Citibank and NextMedia

I also serve as a board member on multiple companies, including Artists&Clients, ReverseGif, MarketJS, and BoxMyDownloads

Support Team

Hello! We're the support and operations team behind BoxMyDownloads.

We recently acquired BoxMyDownloads from Virendra Rajput, the original developer. With our resources, we'll take this to the next level. Watch out for new features in the coming months!

Email us: admin@boxmydownloads.com
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